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Future Lions | 2019

I was initially excited just by the opportunity to work with AKQA. Then I researched a bit of what was done for Future Lions in the past. What impressed me was how varied the approach and execution of each year's Lions proved to be. That being said, we certainly had a bold vision established, through the meticulous work of Billielis. 

We knew right from the onset that the film had to have mystery and drama. Coming off of two vfx-heavy trailers, I had quite a few tricks up my sleeve, in that department. The challenge was to convey speed, strength, and power using only silhouettes and closeups. In the end we choose to reveal a little more of the full character with each shot, until it crescendos in the final image, that ties directly into all the print work. 

In all, the experience of making the film was really smooth and enjoyable. AKQA was every bit as clever and clear-sighed as I had hoped, and we had enough time and space to execute exactly what our aspirations demanded. 

Director | Light + Mathematics

Agency | AKQA
Producer | Milana Karaica
Production Company | NERD

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