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Leading Ideal | Teaser

It’s strange to say this about a commercial, but this project was a bit of a dream come true. I’ve been watching car commercials my whole life, so of course, I often thought about trying my hand at one. Also, I’ve been very eager to finally work with Chinese clients, so when the opportunity presented itself to do a car commercial with a Chinese client, I dropped everything and buried myself in the pitch process. The challenge was to produce a trailer-like ad for a brand new car manufacturer, that would play just before the car’s world-wide unveiling. It needed to be dramatic and mysterious, while avoiding anything too ominous, and ultimately end on an uplifting note. Despite the the demanding 4 week production cycle, and teams working in three time zones, the final product is every bit what we all dreamed it could be. It’s rare that a project is  allowed to stay entirely true to its initial vision. Everyone involved, respected the potential of the film, and we arrived at one singular achievement that we feel will age very well with time, and serve at a point of pride for years to come. 

Director - Peter S.

Production company | NERD Productions 

Agency | For People 

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